About Our 2020 Grant Recipients

The 2020 PEDIGREE Foundation grants were given to 167 shelter and rescue organizations across the country, totaling more than $1 million to help find forever homes for dogs in need. PEDIGREE Foundation was grateful to be joined by partners in supporting some of the 2020 grants. These are noted in the descriptions below and include: Bi-Mart, Family Farm and Home, Phillips Pet Food and Supplies, Carter’s Pet Mart and Associate Grocers.

DOGS RULE.™ and Role Model Grants Build Best Practices

DOGS RULE.™ grants are $100,000 grants provided over two years to develop and support an innovative initiative that can become a best practice for other shelters and rescues. Role Model Shelter grants are up to $50,000 grants that help organizations implement a best practice with the purpose of getting more dogs adopted. The 2020 grantees were:

  • York County SPCA (York, PA) – $100,000 DOGS RULE.™ grant for 2020 and 2021 to create an interactive, technology-based kennel card program that helps potential adopters get to know dogs, see them outside the kennel environment and learn important information about them quickly. The goal is to give adopters a better way to interact with dogs to increase dog adoption and decrease dogs’ length of stay in shelters.
  • Ruff Start Rescue (Princeton, MN) – Second half of $100,000 DOGS RULE.™ grant for 2019 and 2020 to support their ComPAWtibility Match Program,” which creates efficient foster, adoption and post-adoption processes that lead to more successful dog adoptions and a supportive rescue community. The goal is to enhance interactions with potential fosters and adopters, as well as existing adopters, to create a supportive volunteer network.
  • American Pets Alive (Austin, TX) – $50,000 to implement the Human Animal Support Services initiative that aims to transform how homeless pets are handled in communities across the country and bring the human-animal bond to the center of shelter practices. This initiative builds on learnings from the COVID-19 crisis, which disrupted shelter operations and led to increased fostering, community engagement and other advances.
  • Friends of Pima Animal Care Center (Tucson, AZ) – $50,000 Role Model Shelter grant to support the center’s transition into a community resource center for those who need support or services to keep their dogs, thereby improving outcomes for dogs and people alike. The funds will support a new role responsible for creating and implementing protocols and procedures, while overseeing the center’s pet retention and rehoming specialists. This grant was generously supported by Bi-Mart.
  • Delaware Humane Association (Wilmington, DE) – $46,000 to support their Tail Road Express transport program that brings dogs from southern states to Delaware Humane for local adoption. Additionally, the funding will support construction on the community adoption center in Rehoboth Beach, which has grown to handle about a third of the organization’s adoptions. Among the upgrades, the center will get an enrichment space to benefit dogs awaiting adoption.

Program Development Grants Help Shelters and Rescues Do More

These grants support shelter and rescue activities that expand the operational capacity of the organization to increase dog adoption rates. This year, 31 shelters and rescues received Program Development grants. Recipients were:

  • The Animal Foundation (Las Vegas, NV) – $10,000 to support the Adoption Enhancement project, focusing on difficult-to-adopt dogs. Funds will support a collaborative effort to help identify these dogs quickly and provide training, counseling and support to help them find their new homes.
  • Animal Friends Alliance (Fort Collins, CO) – $9,970.36 to support pre-adoptive care for dogs going into foster homes, with a goal of increasing dog adoptions.
  • Heart of The Valley Humane Society, Inc. (Bozeman, MT) – $10,000 to support and expand the transfer program from Montana Native American Communities that are experiencing stray dog overpopulation.
  • Humane Society of Indianapolis, Inc. (Indianapolis, IN) – $10,000 to support their Safer Adoptions Through Foster initiative that will help their shelter evolve and build capacity for a successful canine foster-to-adoption process, resulting in increased dog adoption. This grant was generously supported by Family Farm and Home.
  • Saving Grace Animals for Adoption Inc. (Wake Forest, NC) – $9,700 to help expand operational capacity to improve adoption rates via an onsite spay/neuter program. This will allow dogs to be adopted more quickly, making space available for additional dogs to be rescued and adopted.
  • Friends of the Animals BR, Inc. (Baton Rouge, LA) – $10,000 to support resources to intake and treat heartworm-positive dogs from seven local shelters in the area, thereby increasing their chance for adoption. This grant was generously supported by Associate Grocers.
  • Pjs Pet Guardians (Gateway) (East St. Louis, IL) – $10,000 to expand their Unicorn Foster Program, which is designed to assist large dogs in their shelter with behavior challenges find loving homes.
  • Austin Pets Alive (Austin, TX) – $10,000 to support the refinement, expansion and sharing of their existing Dog Foster Program, both to increase dog fostering and adoptions and to empower other shelters and rescue groups across the U.S. to save and find loving homes for more dogs.
  • Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Inc (Asheville, NC) – $10,000 to support an additional mobile clinic to increase the health and wellness of pets adopted out of rural shelters in Western North Carolina. This grant was generously supported by Phillips Pet Food and Supplies.
  • Muddy Paws Rescue (Long Island City, NY) – $10,000 to support building a customized platform that will serve as the hub for the organization’s programmatic and operational work, helping fosters and increasing adoption through its match-making program.
  • One Tail at a Time (Chicago, IL) – $10,000 to support onsite adoption kiosks that will give potential adopters the opportunity for virtual interactions with dogs currently living in foster homes.
  • Animal Protective Association of Missouri (Saint Louis, MO) – $10,000 to support their transfer program, which moves the most vulnerable pets to their shelter for the additional care and time they might need to be adopted.
  • National Great Pyrenees Rescue (Maplecrest, NY) – $8,045 to support regular programming on various social media platforms that highlights adoptable dogs, general breed information and training for potential and future adopters.
  • Humane Society of Park County Inc./Stafford Animal Shelter (Livingston, MT) – $10,000 to support the shelter’s Reservation Rescue Program. These funds will be used for the transport, care, adoption preparation and adoption of dogs rescued from Montana’s Native American Reservations.
  • Greater Birmingham Humane Society (Birmingham, AL) – $10,000 to support the Foster Adoption Ambassador Program, which will help reach their goal of utilizing trained foster volunteers to shelter, socialize, promote and increase dog adoption.
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (New York, NY) – $10,000 to support the ASPCA Relocation program, which will assist in providing transport for 34,000 dogs this year, giving them the best chance of finding loving homes.
  • Rogue Valley Humane Society (Grants Pass, OR) – $10,000 to provide more behavioral support for the dogs in their care. These funds will also be used to for internal trainings, additional home visits and marketing to increase community outreach and awareness.
  • Humane Society of Austin & Travis County (Austin, TX) – $10,000 to support the Senior Care Initiative, which increases positive health outcomes and positive adoption outcomes for senior dogs.
  • Vancouver Humane Society & SPCA (Vancouver, WA) – $10,000 to support the new Behavior Training Program and provide adopter resources to help behaviorally challenged dogs and puppies find their forever homes.
  • Helping Hands Humane Society Inc. (Topeka, KS) – $10,000 to provide medical treatment for heartworm-positive dogs, thereby increasing their chances to find forever homes.
  • Wenatchee Valley Humane Society (Wenatchee, WA) – $7,000 to support behavior modification training for dogs placed into either the Canine Good Citizen-Ready (CGC) program or the TOP Dog program. Both programs give dogs a second chance for a happy home through training, diligence and one-on-one development.
  • Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society & SPCA (Tacoma, WA) – $9,292 to support the Foster Program, which brings caring individuals and animals together, providing special care in a home setting until the animals are ready for adoption.
  • Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (Valley Village, CA) – $8,185 to support the expansion of the Transport/Relocation program by adding “Emergency and/or Holiday” transports. This grant was generously supported by Carter’s Pet Mart.
  • Dallas Pets Alive (Dallas, TX) – $10,000 to support the development of a “Top Dog” obedience program for large breed dogs that currently have lower adoption rates and longer lengths of stay in the foster program.
  • Agape Animal Rescue (Nashville, TN) – $10,000 to further develop and grow its online resource hub. This online platform will serve as a resource for more than 250 individuals, animal shelters and rescue organizations to reduce rates of surrender and to increase adoption retention rates.
  • Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Philadelphia, PA) – $10,000 to support the development of a new behavior modification program, which will reduce the average length of stay and the likelihood of the dog being returned by the adopter, provide support for adopters and ultimately increase the adoption of dogs displaying arousal and reactivity behaviors.
  • Valley Oak SPCA (Visalia, CA) – $10,000 to support recruitment events and foster care supplies for the Foster Program and training programs for staff and dogs in the Best Friends Furever Program.
  • Humane Society for Seattle-King County (Bellevue, WA) – $10,000 to support essential needs for the Life-Saver Rescue Program, which provides rescue and adoption services for pets at risk of being euthanized by transferring them to its state-of-the-art facility.
  • Humane Society Silicon Valley (Milpitas, CA) – $10,000 to support the expansion of post-adoption training scholarships to behaviorally challenging dogs. The goal of this expansion is to help new families bond with their dog through training and reduce the likelihood that the pet will be returned to the shelter.
  • Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County (SOCA-FBC) (Sugar Land, TX) – $10,000 to support a new transport initiative from the greater Houston metropolitan area that will cover annual expenses and increase the number of animals transported in 2020.
  • Finney County Humane Society Inc (Garden City, KS) – $10,000 to support the Finney County Humane Society Transport Program and its care costs, which will reduce the number of animals scheduled for euthanasia or those likely to be euthanized at local shelters.

Transportation Grants Help Dogs Get a Better Chance at Adoption

Sometimes what homeless dogs need more than anything is transportation to a new place. Whether they’ve been displaced in a natural disaster or are somewhere with too many other dogs that need homes, a change of scenery can be the key to finding a loving, forever home. In 2020, PEDIGREE Foundation prioritized transportation initiatives to help more dogs reach the opportunity for a better life. Recipients were:

  • Humane Society of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK) – $10,000 to support the “HUB” Pet Transport Initiative by providing transport and preventive care for 800 pets at risk from at-capacity shelters in the U.S, particularly in Oklahoma and Texas. A partnership between PEDIGREE Foundation, Banfield Foundation and VCA Charities – all nonprofit organizations connected to Mars Petcare – funded this initiative.
  • Greater Good Charities and Wings of Rescue – $25,000 to support the “Paws Across the Pacific” airlift of more than 600 shelter pets from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland for eventual adoption. PEDIGREE Foundation joined multiple partners to support this critical transport.
  • American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) – $50,000 to support its Midwest Regional Transport Program, as a shorter-term solution to helping address transportation opportunities to get dogs adopted.
  • Human Animal Support Services, a program of American Pets Alive!/Austin Pets Alive! – $50,000 to support a research initiative to uncover possible solutions to regional supply-and-demand challenges for the animal welfare community.

Disaster Relief Grants Provide Emergency Support

From wildfires and the Nashville tornado to puppy mill seizures and the pandemic that upended communities nationwide, the need for disaster support was greater than ever in 2020. PEDIGREE Foundation worked to provide as much help as possible, including converting its traditional Operation grants into COVID-19 Support grants for 2020, with a particular focus on shelters and rescues with smaller budgets that were especially challenged during this difficult time.

PEDIGREE Foundation contributed $40,000 for disaster relief efforts across the country, helping more than 2,000 dogs. Recipients were:

  • Agape Animal Rescue (Nashville, TN)
  • American Humane (Washington, DC)
  • Berkeley-East Humane (Berkeley, CA)
  • Friends of Pima Animal Care Center (Tucson, AZ)
  • Nashville Humane Association (Nashville, TN)
  • Putnam County Humane Society (Cookeville, TN)
  • Carolina Poodle Rescue (Pacolet, NC)
  • Oklahoma Alliance for Animals (Tulsa, OK)

In addition, more than 100 shelters and rescues received COVID-19 Support grants of up to $2,500, which were provided in the spring. In total, $175,000 was awarded. Recipients were:

  • Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio (AHDRO) (Dublin, OH)
  • American Maltese Association Rescue (New York, NY)
  • Angels Journey Home Animal Rescue (Belle Vernon, PA)
  • Angel’s Retreat (West Chester, PA)
  • Animal Angels Sanctuary (Jacksboro, TX)
  • Animal Control & Welfare Project (Hinton, WV)
  • Animal Humane Association of Star Valley (Thayne, WY)
  • Animal Refugee Response (Lower Lake, CA)
  • Animal Town Sanctuary (Cave Creek, AZ)
  • Animal Welfare and Rescue (Zephyrhills, FL)
  • Atascosa Animal Allies (Pleasanton, TX)
  • Athens Canine Rescue (Athens, GA)
  • Bandit’s Buddies Rescue (Fresno, CA)
  • BestPals Animal Rescue Center (Holland, MI)
  • Cane Haven Rescue (Jefferson, LA)
  • Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue (Cliffwood, NJ)
  • Charles Smithgall Humane Society (Cleveland, GA)
  • Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue (Fletcher, NC)
  • Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary (Marana, AZ)
  • Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Clark County SPCA, Inc. (Springfield, OH)
  • Clinton County Humane Society (Wilmington, OH)
  • Columbia Humane Society (St. Helens, OR)
  • Cooper’s Chance Animal Rescue (Gilbert, AZ)
  • Dahlonega Lumpkin Humane aka TLC Humane (Dahlonega, GA)
  • Dallas Pets Alive (Grapevine, TX)
  • Dawg Squad (Azusa, CA)
  • Deming Animal Guardians (Deming, NM)
  • Demi’s Animal Rescue (Aurora, CO)
  • Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) (Grand Blanc, MI)
  • Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue (Ocean Ridge, FL)
  • Doddridge County Humane Society, Inc. (Salem, WV)
  • Driftless Humane Society (Viroqua, WI)
  • Fairfield Area Humane Society (Lancaster, OH)
  • Franklin County Humane Society/Paws for Life NC (Youngsville, NC)
  • Friends For Life (Houston, TX)
  • Friends of Animals in Need (North Kingstown, RI)
  • Fur and Tails Animal Rescue (Fort Myers, FL)
  • Furry Tracks (Carolina, PR)
  • Grand County Pet Pals (Granby, CO)
  • Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue (Chillicothe, OH)
  • Great Pyrenees Association of S CA Rescue Inc. (Devore, CA)
  • Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue (Houston, TX)
  • Greyhound Rescue of N.E., Inc. (Mendon, MA)
  • E.L.P. Inc-A Home for Every Living Pet (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
  • Hardin Animal and Relocation and Transition Team (Savannah, TN)
  • Harlan Friends of the Shelter (Harlan, KY)
  • Heart of Texas SPCA (San Antonio, TX)
  • Horse and Hound Rescue Foundation (Guthrie, OK)
  • Houndhaven Inc. (Minneola, FL)
  • Humane Rescue Alliance (Washington, DC)
  • Humane Society of Bay County (Panama City, FL)
  • Humane Society of Dover-Stewart County (Indian Mound, TN)
  • Humane Society of Edmonson County (Brownsville, KY)
  • Humane Society of Florida, Inc. (Boca Raton, FL)
  • Pope Memorial Humane Society (Rockland, ME)
  • Humane Society of Logan County (Lincoln, IL)
  • Humane Society of Young County (Graham, TX)
  • Kauai SPCA (Kilauea, HI)
  • Lawrence County Humane Society (Louisa, KY)
  • Living the Dream Rescue (Glendale, AZ)
  • Loli’s Place Inc. (New Hope, PA)
  • Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation (Arlington, VA)
  • Lucky Dog Animal Rescue (Arlington, VA)
  • Luna’s House, Inc. (Abingdon, MD)
  • MarrVelous Pet Rescues, Inc. (Key Largo, FL)
  • MCPAW (Derwood, MD)
  • Misty Eyes Animal Center, Inc. (Brownsburg, IN)
  • Multiple Breed Rescue – Ohio (Grafton, OH)
  • New Hampshire Humane Society (Laconia, NH)
  • New Rattitude Rat Terrier Rescue (Lansing, MI)
  • One Tail at a Time (Chicago, IL)
  • Our Lil’ Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (Poland, IN)
  • Ozark Haven Rescue (Cabool, MO)
  • Parma Animal Shelter Inc. (Parma, OH)
  • Paws for Life Rescue (Troy, MI)
  • Paws4thought Animal Rescue (Chula Vista, CA)
  • PAWsitively for the Animals (Scranton, PA)
  • Peaceful Passings Senior Animal Rescue (Bremo Bluff, VA)
  • Pets A Lone Sanctuary of Lincoln County (PALS Animal Shelter) (Hawk Point, MO)
  • Picket Fence Poodle Rescue (Elk River, MN)
  • Pinky Paws Search & ResQ/Paws No Kill Shelter (Fowler, CA)
  • Planned Pethood, Inc (Toledo, OH)
  • Poteau Valley Humane Society (Poteau, OK)
  • Promise 4 Paws (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
  • Proud Animal Lovers Shelter (Parsons, KS)
  • Pup Rescue (Stockton, CA)
  • Randolph County Animal Shelter (Wedowee, AL)
  • Rescue Adoption Volunteers (Hereford, AZ)
  • San Saba County Friends of Animals (San Saba, TX)
  • Saving Our Companion Animals – Fort Bend County (SOCA-FBC) (Richmond, TX)
  • Second Chance Animal Refuge Society “SCARS” (Auburn, KS)
  • Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Inc (Twain Harte, CA)
  • Southeastern Virginia Golden Retriever Rescue (Yorktown, VA)
  • Spay Campbell County Tennessee Pets (LaFollette, TN)
  • SPCA Florida (Lakeland, FL)
  • Sweetwater Valley Dog Rescue (Sweetwater, TN)
  • Texas Little Cuties (Leonard, TX)
  • The North American Rescue Collective (Columbus, OH)
  • Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, Inc. (Boerne, TX)
  • Tri City Animal Sanctuary (Somerset, TX)
  • Umbrella of Hope Rescue (Katonah, NY)
  • Wags & Walks (West Hollywood, CA)
  • Webark Estates, Inc. (Moundsville, WV)
  • You Can Make a Difference, Inc. (Gretna, FL)

Partner Grants with Family Farm and Home

Retailer Family Farm and Home partnered with PEDIGREE Foundation in 2020 to award grants to five organizations helping dogs get adopted in their communities. Recipients were:

  • Fort Defiance Humane Society (Defiance, OH)
  • Harbor Humane Society (West Olive, MI)
  • Animal Rescue Coalition of Big Rapids (Big Rapids, MI)
  • Humane Society of West Michigan (Grand Rapids, MI)
  • Branch Area Rescue Coalition (Coldwater, MI)

American Rescue Dog Show Grants Celebrate Dog Adoption

Finally, PEDIGREE Foundation provided $100,000 in funding for rescue and shelter organizations as part of the 2020 Hallmark Channel American Rescue Dog Show. Recipients were:

  • The Furgotten (Santa Monica, CA)
  • Afghan Hound Rescue Southern (San Dimas, CA)
  • MaeDay Rescue (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Reversed Rescue (Leona Valley, CA)
  • I Stand With My Pack (Culver City, CA)
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)
  • The Ranch Rescue Team (Chino Hills, CA)
  • Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) (New York, NY)
  • Compassion Without Borders (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • Road Dogs & Rescue (Lomita, CA)

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